Institute Of Neuroscience Guangzhou Medical University (ION-GZMU)

Brief Introduction  

  Institute of Neuroscience of Guangzhou Medical University (ION-GZMU), locating in the south city, Guangzhou of China, was approved to be established by Guangzhou Municipal on September 26, 1986 and inaugurated on October 1988. Professor Wei-ping Liao has been the director of the ION since 2002. The ION-GZMU is honored with Key Discipline on Neurology of Guangdong Province, and Key Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Channelopathies of the Ministry of Education of China.

Detailed Introduction

* Postdoctoral positions available

* Newly Accepted Paper in 2018:

------Mar 10------ "Evaluating the pathogenic role of genes with de novo mutations in epileptic encephalopathies" submitted by Prof. Wei-Ping Liao has been accepted in Genetics in Medicine. DOI information:

------Feb 22------ "Development-related aberrations in Kv1.1 α-subunit exert disruptive effects on bioelectrical activities of neurons in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome" submitted by Dr. Tao Su has been accepted in Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry. DOI information: 10.1016/j.pnpbp.2018.02.011

* Happy Chinese New Year! ------Feb 16, 2018

* On Jan 23, 2018, a new research platform “Functional research for disease-causing genes in neurology” was co-founded by the ION-GZMU and prof. Feng Guoping from MIT.

* On Dec 23, 2017, an expert workstation of academician Duan Shuming was established in the ION-GZMU.





The ION-GZMU got strong supports from Shan-heng He Charity Fund.


Dr. Hsiang_lai Wen

Former chairman of Pacific Asia region Neurosurgery Academic Association
Honored Director of ION-GZMC

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