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Brief Introduction  

   Institute of Neurosciences of Guangzhou Medical University (ION-GZMU), locating in the south city Guangzhou of China, was approved to be established by Guangzhou Municipal on September 26, 1986 and inaugurated on October 1988. Professor Wei-ping Liao has been the director of the ION. The institute consists of Department of Neurology, Department of Neurosurgery and Department of basic science...

ION-GZMU got strong supports from Shan-heng He Charity Fund.

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Introduction to Institute


* Neurology Department


* Neurosurgery Department


* About Laboratory


* Hospital Introduction

All Publications:


* Prof. Weiping Liao

  * Prof. En Xu

* Prof.Yonghong Yi

Research Group:

* Dr. Yuesheng Long

  * Dr. Yiwu Shi

* Dr. Zhongmin Yuan


* Dr. Shengqiang Chen


* Dr. Tao Su

Contact Information

# The website is during an update. Some links are not available...

# Prof. Liao received an invitation to be an editor from the editorial board of Epilepsia

# Our lab was granted with three projects by the National Natural Science Foundation in 2010.

# Four manuscripts under review ...

# A new set of microscope is approaching ...

# Lab activity------Celebration of Moon Festiva, Sep. 19, 2010

# Seminar--------






Dr. Hsiang_lai Wen

Hong Kong famous neurosurgeon; Former chairman of Pacific Asia region Neurosurgery Academic Association

Honored Director of ION-GZMU


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